Our company with many years of specialized design and build experience involving construction projects.




PRESIDENT SIGN SDN BHD is a company with many years of specialized design and built experience involving construction projects for musical fountain, sculptures and monuments. Our Artist and Professional teams are always ready for undertaking numerous projects simultaneously and meet the quality of its goods focusing on time and budget planned by our clients.

We seek for improvement by invite the artist from others country joined our team as we seek to share the transformative power of modern and contemporary art at all levels of understanding. We enhance our skills by creating artistic and meaningful creation while meets our valued customer needs. Our products are further enhance by our additional skill interactive electrical and electronic works which is linked to a global lighting market with an aim of being the first choice innovative partner for the supply of creative and cost effective lighting solutions.

During our professional practice as design and built contractor, we became aware of the scarcity of a specialized Design & Built Contractors for fountains, sculptures and monuments that measure up to high international standards, and can undertake the much needed intergrated technical studies in the fields of: Architecture; Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial and other engineering areas.

Scientific and technological progress in our modern days has become one of the most important factors that govern the prosperity and sound economic development of any country, stabilizing its social structure and safeguarding its economic independence and national wealth from domination and abuse. Therefore, our company, President Sign Sdn.Bhd will be part of the world quest for a better, enjoyable living experience thus enabling freedom from stress and pressures in daily lives thru a better more artistic urban features in the form of Fountains, Sculptures and Monuments.