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Frequently Ask Questions(FAQ)
1. Why should we need the premis license and signboard license for running the business?
2. How is the procedure to obtain a premis and signboard license?
3. How to do a new business registration?
4. How do you charge the services of all the business application?
5. What other services do you provide to the customers?

2. How is the procedure to obtain a premis and signboard license?

First, you will have to prepare the documents that required by the local authority. Then, we will collect from you to submit it to the authority. You will get a temporary acknowledgement from the authority to start your business and it will take 1-2 month for the authority to process the application. We will monitor the application and see it through to the approval of the application. Anyway, the approval letter from the authority will be mailed directly to your premis address. Therefore, all the payment of our services must be collected beforehand. (Depend on the situation)