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Solutions Architectural Omament (SAO)

Solutions Architectural Ornament (SAO) that is meant to simplify the way to beautifying the building with our revolutionary method.

SAO is a lightweight cladding system adapted from External Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), which is originally developed in Europe in the late 1940¡¯s and it was now a widely adopted cladding system through the world.

SAO are formed incorporating with Expended Polystyrene Board (EPS) as backbone and Fiber glass alkaline resistant mesh as reinforce, SAO cementitious coating (a specially formulated latex polymer mixing with Ordinary Portland Cement and Silica Sand) to forms the outer layer skin.

SAO Moulding can be developed into 4 categories, which are:-
a) SAO Relief
b) SAO Cornice
c) SAO Moulding
d) SAO Dome

  SAO Relief SAO Cornice SAO Moulding
  SAO Dome  
Interactive Technology
Architectural Structure
Musical / Water Fountain & System
Carving Art
Outdoor & Indoor Advertisement
Supply & Installation of LED Multimedia Display Screen
Interior & Exterior Designs
Supplying of Merchandise Items / Souvenirs (Custom Made To Design)
Float Designs
Fiber Reinforce Panel (FRP)
Solutions Architectural Omament (SAO)
Neon & 3D lettering Box
24K Gold Plated Eygpt Crystal



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