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Musical / Water Fountain & System

Musical / Water Fountain & System Design Idea
Under the protection original environment, provides the diversification water scene modeling, provides many kinds of experience and the selectivity for the public, simultaneously also provides multiple expression of space for each kind of material and technical.

Design Artistry
With the artistic expression constitution humanities natural landscape, the person will enjoy in the different scenery.

Design Principle
Effective use resources and ecological environment protection principle:-
- The full strengthened terrain landform characteristic and the base condition may use.
- Fully manifest the water scene artistic.
- To act as circumstances permit to carry on the design, reduces the cubic meter of earth and stone quantity as far as possible, protects the use to develop simultaneously.

Water Scene Modeling Introduction:-

  Musical Fountain Taman Merdeka Johor CENTRAL WATER COLUMN Description : The Water Volume Is Big With Overpowering Mamentum ARCH STYLE Description : Water Seepage Peripheral Sprays A Road Luminous Water Column, The Water Column Crystal Clear Bright Luminously.
  ICE TREE BUBBLING SPRING Description : From Submarine Spouts The Powerful Water Column Which Is Tall And Straight. Musical Fountain Taman Merdeka Johor  
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Musical / Water Fountain & System
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